zondag 19 oktober 2008

Cassidy Anderson wins Metter Superbiker

Cassidy Anderson is the winner of the 2008 Mettet Superbiker. Following 5 seconds behind was German S2 Champion Mauno Hermunen from Finland.

Former MX legend Mickael Pichon finished 3rd 1 sec behind Hermunen. Pichon also won the Starbiker race of the day.

Starbiker (Star class)

1. Mickeal Pichon (France)
2. Frederic Bolley (France)
3. Stefan Everts (Belgium)
4. Darryl Atkins (New Zealand)
5. Micky Dymond (USA)

Full results

Superbiker (Bikers,Prestige and Star classes)

1. Cassidy Anderson (USA)
2. Mauno Hermunen (Finland)
3. Mickael Pichon (France)
4. Juergen Kuenzel (Germany)
5. Eric Delannoy (Belgium)

Full results

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