vrijdag 22 augustus 2008

Supermoto Gear

Supermoto Central now offers special Supermoto T-shirts! The first batch of 100 T-shirts have all been sold to supermoto riders in the Netherlands,Belgium and the UK. Nothing but positive comments about the T-shirts. Now it's time for the second batch which will be sold to all countries in the European Union. Not available in the US and countries outside of the EU because of shipping costs.

We need atleast 50 orders to print a second batch. How do you order your t-shirt? Send an e-mail to gear@supermoto-central.com with your full name, adress details and size of the t-shirt you want to order. When the t-shirts are printed we will send you a payment request, when the request has been payed the t-shirt will be shipped.

Price is €18.50 a T-shirt including shipping costs. Prices for multiple t-shirts will vary because of shipping costs.

Not available outside of the EU

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