dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

Mettet Superbiker pics

Start of one of the qualifying races

Starbiker winner Cassidy Anderson

Darryl Atkins on his Aprilia SXV

Joshua Coppins finished 7th in the Starbiker race

Joel Smets(DNF) on the BMW X450 vs Stefan Everts (7th in the Superbiker)on the KTM 450SMR

The first pics of the Mettet Superbiker are popping up around the web, first the MXworld.be gallery really really nice pics in this gallery. With captions so you know who you are looking at. The pics from above are some of the best from the MXworld.be gallery.

Also a big 37 page gallery by Marc Hilger of Automobilsport.com here

MXphotos.be also has a very nice gallery

And last the pics of Belgian Supermoto photographer Wim Moons (aka theMonkey). He has a huge gallery of 4163 pics of the 3 Mettet Superbiker days.

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